Monday, April 30, 2012

Volunteering My Family (they love that)

After getting a better idea of the size of Sacred Heart Community Center's La Mesa Verde Project, I "volunteered" my husband and son to help with the delivery of beds and soil. Here we are at the Gardner Center where the materials are being stored.  Remember, 100 families, 1-2 beds per family, 950 lbs. of soil per bed.

Don't they look thrilled? 


But we weren't alone....

Today there were about 10 volunteers (including Malin's family again) and Malin, Sofia and Evelyn from the program, ready to rock.                                           

 Here we arrive at a family's house that is getting 2 beds and they pitch in.

The two beds will go here and it will be so beautiful!

 We are on our way to growing our own organic produce.
We are changing the world one garden at a time.
 We are Urban Gardeners......
Next..preparing the soil.


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  1. How wonderful that your family was able to help out Debbie! We really needed the help your family provided felt like sent from Heaven! Thank you and thanks to all the volunteers who helped out to deliver the hundreds of beds and soil!