Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Visiting Veggielution

 On Friday, June 15, I visited Veggielution at Emma Prusch Farm Park on King San Jose. It's a community farm with all sorts of different programs and classes with the purpose of creating a sustainable food system in San Jose. Today was graduation from "Cooking Matters", one of the programs available at the farm.
The outdoor kitchen. Food is prepared and classes are held here.

Brenda, Luz Maria, Irma and Yonara from Veggielution and Malin from La Mesa Verde.
Along with lots of delicious foods prepared with the garden veggies, we drank Strawberry Chia water. It was so refreshing on that hot day. It's simply blended strawberries and water with a small amount of the superfood, Chia seeds. I've made it three times at home since then. You could use whatever fruit that you like and I used about a teaspoon of seeds for a 1/2 gallon pitcher. So simple and no added sugars!

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