Thursday, July 5, 2012

Garden Week 10

Planting day was 4/28/12 so we are in the 10th week, the beginning of the 3rd month. It's actually only about 3 months until the winter planting! (not to get ahead of ourselves)

There are DOZENS  of cherry tomatoes coming.

These were sweet and delicious!

The lettuces are "bolting", which means that they are starting to flower and that flower will produce seeds that we can replant.

Mutant cucumber!
These tomatoes and lots more like them look like they are going to be soo good.

4# zucchini, before stuffing.

Green beans today, 7/5/12

Jalepeno "tree". We planted this in 2009, so this is the 4th year.
The garden is so much more than just growing food. It's a way of connecting to so many different people and things. There's an awareness that comes along with watching something grow from a tiny seed or plant. I am enjoying much more than I had even expected!

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  1. Those are some wonderful plants and it looks like you're getting the most out of their vegetables. I'll have to use some of your tricks with my lawn care in cumming.