Monday, July 30, 2012

Red in the Garden and Visitors

Photo: It's happening!!  In a sea of green, I'm finally seeing...RED!!
 The garden is in full swing now! There is now color in the green! The Pocket Farmer ( said it perfectly today with this picture on Facebook.
I've been a little camera lazy lately, but I have gotten some people pictures.
I feel so fortunate to get to meet so many people who are working to change the way we see and grow our food.
Thanks to Tim and Helen from Ag Innovations ( for coming by last week.
" We care deeply about creating a more economically viable, socially just, and environmentally sound way to grow and distribute food."
This is from the home page of their website, and it seems to be the common thread connects most all of the visitors who want to visit a La Mesa Verde garden family and to learn more about our unique program.
Thanks again to Sacred Heart Community Service for providing the opportunity to make a difference!
These ladies visited from the San Jose Garden Club ( ) They answered so many questions, like how to reseed lettuce. It can be as simple as just letting them flower and drop their seeds back into the soil.
Every visitor leaves me feeling like a super star gardener. Diva, if you will, even though it's all pretty simple so far.

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