Monday, August 13, 2012

Check it Out!->->Slideshow!!! ->->

My computer is back! At least for now because there are still issues. When they are resolved I'll tell you where I took it because I had it back the same day for a very reasonable price. But, it's only reasonable if they stand behind their work because like I said, there are still issues. At least it turns on now.                                     
The week that it was down was sort of a relief because I've been a little bit discouraged with the blog. I guess that I had this vision that everyone I know would drop what they were doing and tune in every day like I had invented gardening. I'm more realistic now, and I really should be writing for myself first anyway, but I've also had more visitors thanks to CrazyforCrust's Facebook Exchange Party. I listed this blog and the Facebook Page and then looked around and visited other pages, etc. Anyway, there were a lot of people visiting around and some of them checked out this blog and on the Facebook page there are 7 new likes! That's a total of 13! (the other 6 being my Family (either forced or hacked) and their close friends (guilted))                                
With people looking at it of their own free will, I feel I'd better step it up!                            
I'm kind of joking because actually the blog has 724 total views. Lots of people have told me that they've seen it and they've said really nice things, so Thanks!!!
OH!!! I almost forgot, FINALLY figured out how to put a Slideshow on the blog. It wasn't how they said to do it on Picasa or Blogspot, but by trial and error it works. I'm a regular techie.
Well, I need to get busy because I'm making Zucchini Parmesan with zucchini from the garden(my friend Melanie's idea) The sauce I made from about 6 lbs. of tomatoes from the garden. So there you go.

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